Custom Links in Menu

Joomla: 3.7.2
EasySocial: 2.0.19
Docker: 2.0.6
File: /plugins/system/docker/themes/default.php
Override: unknown

Open default.php and you will find this code. This is one of many links inside the docker plugin menu. Each link looks like this:

  <a href="<?php echo ESR::profile();?>">
  <i class="fa fa-male"></i>
  <span><?php echo JText::_('COM_EASYSOCIAL_PROFILE');?></span>

To replace the existing link with your custom link, replace this it by your desired URL:

<?php echo ESR::profile();?>

The overview of all available FontAwesome icons you can find here: Just take the code from there and replace this:

fa fa-male

To change the link title go for this and replace it by your own title. You can also search your language file for this string and replace the translation there: