Let's be honest, you bought an extension, but the manufacturer's options do not meet all your needs. Just a little here and a little there and it would be perfect. But unfortunately, adjustments are not part of the purchased support. This is more than understandable, after all, it would be impossible for the developer to make all the required adjustments directly for time reasons. So you put your hand on more or less successfully. Here we will summarize all these small changes and create a directory, where you can quickly and easily reconstruct them.

This list of customizations for extensions will be expanded from time to time. So that you can add your customizations to the directory as well, this page synchronizes with GitHub. If you are not familiar with GitHub, you will find a tutorial on the following page, which can be used to expand the page to include your own customization. To gain access to the repository, please contact me via email at sabih@customizations.org and I will add you to the project. Each submitted entry will be marked with a link to your page and you as the creator of the customization.

Each adaptation has been tested for functionality and the version of the software can be found directly on the page of the entry. Because most of the customizations are not provided by the developer, we can not guarantee compatibility with other extensions. Support for these adjustments is therefore excluded. Since we usually present commercial extensions here, a functioning with software from doubtful sources is not easy to predict. If you like an extension, buy it! This is imperative as our adjustments require ownership of the expansion. If you do not have one of these extensions, the customization will not make sense to you. If you would like to simply browse a little bit, you are of course welcome and will find a link to the developer of the required software. By the way, if you are looking for any downloads, you will not find anything to download here.

You've read everything to this point? Whoah, you seem to be motivated, we are looking for guys like you! As promised, on the next page you will find an explanation of how to add your own customizations to the directory. We are pleased with every contribution and hope to create a considerable collection of customizations. But please be aware that providing customized files is no way since files include code written by the developer as well. We need a documentation about the customization itself.