When browsing within the support forums of components, I often stumbled upon posts that contained very interesting customizations. If these are not immediately added to the favorites, the topics are never found again. Often I have had to search for a very long time because I forgot to add it to favorites, sometimes successful, sometimes futile. I have often made an adjustment to see that there was a topic already and I would have saved a lot of time. Frustrating to see this after you already spent hours.

I was tired of all these thigns and at least wanted to summarize my own adjustments. Also to have a reference book to update the components without having to think about how and where I have integrated customizations. If you run a page yourself, you will probably know these lines. Updates can become so complex that one would rather leave them, because one no longer knows what was changed, let alone how.

In addition, I have often found threads in forums, where members had ideas for adjustments that I did not even think about. So I thought the idea of having a collection was good, at least to make my own ideas accessible to others and maybe you like this idea so much that you want to participate.