EasySocial Header on Favorites

Joomla: 3.7.2
EasySocial: 2.0.19
File: /com_jreviews/jreviews/views/themes/default/listings/listings_favorites.thtml
Override: /templates/jreviews_overrides/views/themes/spielerschaft/listings/listings_favorites.thtml

Open listings_favorites.thtml inside your override folder and search for the following code:

<?php /* PAGE HEADER */ ?>

Below that row insert the following code:

$uri = JFactory::getURI();
$absolute_url = $uri->toString();
$testid = JString::str_ireplace( 'FULL LINK WITHOUT ID' , '' , $absolute_url );        
require_once(JPATH_ADMINISTRATOR . '/components/com_easysocial/includes/easysocial.php'); 
$esuser = ES::user($testid); ?> 
<div id="es" class="es"> <?php echo ES::template()->html('html.miniheader', $esuser); ?> </div>

FULL LINK WITHOUT ID means you pick the URL from the browser when you are on the favorites list page of any user. It should look similar to this: https://domain/jreviews/favorites?user= followed by the id. You need to remove the id from the URL before pasting the code into your file!